How do I program the color set only for Sequence 1?

  1. With the light ON, click until you see the mode you want to edit.
  2. Hold the button until the light flashes ORANGE, then release.
  3. You will see a low flashing orange. There are two flashing orange lights per mode. The first low flashing orange is to program the colors for sequence 1 and the second faster low flashing orange is to program the colors for sequence 2.
  4. To program color set of sequence 1 click past the first low flashing orange to explore the color palette.
  5. When you find the first color you want to hold the button down and release at high(H), medium(M), or low(L) to program the color’s tint. Can repeat up to seven times.
  6. When looking for your other desired colors, move the light to see a live preview of the colors you’ve already programmed combined with the color you're currently looking at.
  7. To program less than seven colors exit programming the color set by going to the flashing white “Blank.” Hold the button down until you see a flashing red.
  8. Once exiting programming of sequence 1 you will notice the second low flashing orange. To bypass programming color set of sequence 2 just hold down the button on the faster low flashing orange until it turns off to exit programming color set of sequence 2.
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