How do I remove my microlights and change the batteries?

1. Set your ZERO Orbit on a flat surface. Use the included screwdriver to turn the screw on top of your orbit (Left= loose, Right= tight). Pull the screw and set it aside.

2. Loosen the strings and pull off the top of the orbit.

3. To remove the microlights, lightly push on the base of the chipboard. The LED bulb will pop up enough for you to pull or wiggle out. 

4.  Slide the 2 circular batteries out of the bottom of each microlight. 

5. Replace each microlight with 2 1620 Batteries with the logo sides visible.

6. Place the microlights back into the orbit casing and push them in until they're snug. 

7. Push the top and the bottom of the orbit back together. Place the screw back into the hole in the middle of the top piece and screw it in snug. 

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